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A pretty tune, quite haunting, but Hugh Paxton’s Blog never had a clue what Scarborough Fair was actually about. I’m still somewhat in the dark but, thanks to Anilbalan’s latest post on his excellent Ghost Cities Blog, at least I know what the herbs mean. I think.

Subject: [New post] Scarborough Fair

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Scarborough Fair

by ghostcities

Scarborough Fair is a traditional English ballad about the Yorkshire town of Scarborough. Today, Scarborough is a quiet town with a rich history: in the 1600s, mineral waters were found in Scarborough and it became a popular holiday resort. Long before this, however, it hosted the ‘Scarborough Fair’ – a popular gathering in Medieval times, which attracted traders and entertainers from all over the country. The fair lasted 45 days and started every August 15th. In the Medieval period, this fair gave its name to a popular folk song that became widely known as Bards would sing it when they traveled from town to town. The author of the original song is unknown, and today many different versions exist, the best known of which is probably the one by Simon & Garfunkel. Paul Simon learned about this song when he was on tour in England, where he heard a version by a popular folk singer named Martin Carthy. The traditional version has many more lyrics, some of which are quite sinister and replete with mythological associations.

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