While the Compact System Camera (CSC), is not yet perfect, neither is the DSLR quite dead – yet. Meanwhile enthusiast wildlife photographers never had it so good, but is the real magic still to come, could there really be a union of the optical and electronic viewfinder just around the corner?


More wonderful wildlife shots here, birds in flight, along with keen insight into digital cameras from Andy Luck.

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The increasing popularity of Compact System Cameras or CSCs is understandable; they are usually cheaper, smaller, lighter, fully featured, adaptable and generally easier to use all round, so why is the DSLR still relevant to enthusiast photographers?

SamsungNX1-1 An introduction to a review I wrote recently for Outdoor Photography Magazine about the incredible Samsung NX1 CSC which has an amazing top frame rate of 15 frames per second!

More specifically, CSCs are indeed on the whole not only considerably smaller than the equivalent DSLR camera, but they also enjoy distinct advantages from having an electronic viewfinder (EVF), as opposed to the more traditional optical viewfinder found in bulkier DSLR cameras.

The EVF however, may not be everyone’s favourite way of viewing the world, (and more on that later), but it does allow such things as information to overlay the viewfinder image. This can include for example: exposure histogram, peaking indicators and…

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