Back in Bangkok: Normal service has been interupted by an expoding snake.


Apologies if you have attempted to phone, email, post comments or anything like that.

Nothing to do with the bomb.

A snake became involved with cables, exploded and terminated all communications with me, my house, my neighbours, the world in general. My internet window is very short and I’ll write again from a hotel somewhere tomorrow.

I told Chang nobody would believe a snake had caused such interference and he brought it round as evidence. It’s on my wall. I’ll send a photo. Nobody will believe I spent ten minutes trying to find an internet connection at Starbucks to explain a snake had exploded and while I was doing so a very large soldier pointed a gun wrapped in a blue towel at everybody on the premises behaving suspiciously.

No photos of him allowed. You’ll have to take my word for it.


Hugh in Bangkok

5 Responses to “Back in Bangkok: Normal service has been interupted by an expoding snake.”

  1. Stella Says:

    If you are going to have a story that people won’t believe even though it’s true, it might as well be a cool one involving an exploding snake.

  2. Hugh Paxton Says:

    Stella! You ARE SO RIGHT! Tomorrow I want a story that everybody will believe but will be a bit dull, relaxing…and not worth telling, The Thai government has just blocked intl news broadcasts. Suits me perfectly! No BBC! Already life is becoming dull, relaxing…

  3. TheGirl Says:

    Hugh, I’m glad to hear you are OK. Is it tough getting around in Bangkok now?

    • Hugh Paxton Says:

      No. Very easy! Or as easy as it ever was. Just hail a cab and enjoy the traffic jam! How’s New York? We might be moving there next year. I’ll keep you updated on that. God help us, we might even meet in person! I think that would be fun!

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