Tea time! Butter tea time! In Mongolia. Paxton Images photo from Altai


Hugh Paxton’s Blog would like you to (visually) share a cup of butter tea in a gear.

Pretty repulsive if you are an Earl Grey fan. Oily! Fattening! But if you like tea that tastes unlike anything served at Downton Abbey it is rather good!

And, while you are enjoying your (visual) cuppa, check out the view!

It’s the Altai range viewed from the Mongolian side. Snaps by my beloved wife! The eagle is tame. Captured to hunt wolves and then released to breed and provide more eagles. The (visual and thankfully inaudible) music is provided by a Kazakh unused to fame and glory and cameras. The horseman? I’m not sure what he’s up to.

Anyway, let’s assume he has the best of motives and enjoy your tea break!



3 Responses to “Tea time! Butter tea time! In Mongolia. Paxton Images photo from Altai”

  1. Stella Says:

    I’ve always wondered what butter tea tastes like. Personally I think Earl Grey is repulsive, so perhaps butter tea is for me.

  2. Hugh Paxton Says:

    Stella, they’re both revolting.

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