Thai Days: Spare the journo dweeb!


Hugh Paxton’s Blog is right behind the current Thai government but thinks the arrest of a clearly silly Chinese journalist who was in possession of a bullet proof vest (marked PRESS) and a helmet in his hand luggage at the Intl airport might be a bit heavy handed. Not quite as heavy as his hand luggage. Why did he pack that stuff in carry on?

The man’s a fool!

Let him go home with his helmet and bullet proof vest. They may technically be classed as weapons but he didn’t need them anyway, and I’ve never seen anybody attack anybody with a bullet-proof vest although I have seen protestors using helmets in non-defensive ways .

Thai police, you know who the bad guys are, what they look like. This fellow? He’s a minnow. Catch the sharks! Let him off the hook before he becomes famous for writing a book all about it.

Cheers from Bangkok!


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