Sweet Home Louisiana: Why gardening is tricky Salamander density


Hugh Paxton’s Blog is constantly impressed by my beloved brother’s attempts to manage his garden and the way his wildlife thwarts his efforts. He could drench the entire thing in DDT or Agent Orange. Or diesel. Charles has ethics! He’s a green gardener. And hey, really, given the choice between a bunch of carrots or a spade load of salamanders, where would you go? Over to him!

Hello everybody,

I have now dug out quite a large hole at the big Spring, it is about 6ft long, 3 ft wide and 18" deep, I have curtailed my digging towards the Spring in favour of watering because there is a surprisingly high density of salamanders within the next belt of soil. See photo attached. I stopped after digging out 3, there were 2 in one spadeful. They are about 2 " long and very slight. I think they are Dwarf Salamanders Eurycea quadridigitata.

I will now take a large plastic tub down there to serve during the drought.

2 Responses to “Sweet Home Louisiana: Why gardening is tricky Salamander density”

  1. Stella Says:

    They are cute little things. I’ve never actually seen salamanders before as we don’t have them here.

  2. charlespaxton Says:

    We had rain today!

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