I’ve just swalowed by new crown!


Hugh Paxton’s blog went to a dentist after cracking a tooth on a piece of grit in a bread roll in Namibia.

The tooth sorted itself out after a week or so but clearly needed dental attention. I sought this out and was surrounded by solicitous females swathed in white who put in a temporary crown and suggested additional expensive treatment. The operating room was the size of a WWII submarine latrine. So much help! So many women! So much cost.

I thought the ordeal worthwhile but thereafter wondered if I was feeling a bit odd.

My esteemed wife assumed I was worrying, my beloved daughter ignored me completely. And why not?

I was on the point of sleeping when a faint chemical aroma reappeared. Not for the first time. I thought goodness me that smells like the glue they set my crown in!

I hiccupped, gulped and my new improved tooth is currently stuck in my throat. My gullet. I can feel it there.

I’m not sure how to proceed.

Dry toast? Open a bottle of port? Drink milk? Stand on my head?

This is real life human drama! And I thought I’d just let you know. The time is 01:09

Hugh Paxton’s Blog Hopefully offering advice!

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