my sodding crown!


01:52 The intensely irritating thing about this whole affair is that while the crown is still lodged in my gullet, I now have tooth ache and the vile ineffective glue that failed to hold the crown in place is releasing itself in horrid seeping dribbles that taste like going back to the dentist again! It’s their glue! But, looking on the bright side that is off set by a searing headache!

I could have choked and died.

That would have been silly!

My plan now is to play a tape of Agatha Christie’s Murder in the Vicarage. That always sends me to sleep. Who gives a damn whodunit? It’s safe (unless you are Colonel Prothero). And granny sorts it out! I’d like Miss Marple to be murdered actually. By a Dentist in the Surgery!

But Jeez I’m not having the best of times right now! And feeling mean! Over and out!


2 Responses to “my sodding crown!”

  1. Stella Says:

    Ouch! Poor Hugh! I’m afraid I don’t have any advice, but you have my sympathy and I hope you’re able to get the problem fixed soon.

  2. Hugh Paxton Says:

    Your sympathy is duly noted! And I love you for it! But it looks like back to the dentist. I hope you have some more sympathy in place. I’ll need it tomorrow. Any anger management pills, Stella? What I would really like to do is kick her teeth in, stick her bill up her arse and smash the entire premises while setting fire to her receptionists. And …But that’s tooth ache! Thanks for being interested! Cheers! Hugh

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