My tooth (conclusion)


The morning after the night before. Hugh Paxton’s Blog remains in discomfort. And should probably visit a dentist. The idea is utterly repulsive. Like seeing a clam ceviche after a bout of seafood poisoning. My strategy for today is to stay in bed feeling sorry for myself. And listening to the next part of Agatha Christie’s Murder at the Vicarage. Again. I know who did it. But it’s a tranquilizer!

Nobody really likes hearing about other people’s boring “It hurts and I’m in misery” stories so this Blog is going to stop this tedious account. But I will close with these wise words of advice: Don’t assume that your dentist is remotely competent. That probably goes for everybody else, too!

Eek! I’m in danger of becoming bitter and twisted! The next thing I’ll be saying is “I don’t believe it!”

Definitely time for my next sedative. Colonel Prothero in the Vicarage…

Cheers from Bangkok!


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