my tooth’s prgress


Hugh Paxton’s blog reports that

1: Dinking a pint of milk has zero effect. But is nutritious!

2: I don’t dare open my bottle of port. It sounds silly but it’s for Christmas.

3. My expensive dental work is still stuck in my gullet.

4: I have walked vigorously around coughing cursing and smoked two cigarettes. Nothing new there!

Still no obvious end in sight.

Hugh signing off but I’ll keep you updated!

2 Responses to “my tooth’s prgress”

  1. buffalotanya Says:

    Poor, Hugh. I curse the dental staff who produced a loose temporary crown for you!

    From what I learn on a google search, you have 3 choices: regurgitate, wait for it to end up in the toilet or visit your doctor (who may recommend one of those two).

    Here are a few of the websites I found, including a very succinct video on how to poop it out:

    Good luck!

    • Hugh Paxton Says:

      Tanya! I’m cursing them, too. Your advice noted. I did think about the toilet ploy but thought these people have put me through enough shit already. I really think that you should run for President!

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