New Zealand’s New Flag


Hugh Paxton’s Blog is rather fond of New Zealand’s current flag but that could be a case of fondness for familiarity. Or maybe I quite like recognizing the nationality of a flag when it is standing high and snapping in a brisk wind. I find the suggested alternatives rather silly.

If the flag of the Union offends fair enough. Who wants to be British nowadays? Apart from nearly half a million illegal migrants risking death and drowning so far this year.

But all this Maori heritage stuff – really! Pass me a barf bag! The Maoris had their time of supremacy and it’s over. They didn’t produce a whole load of literature and exterminated lots of dull-witted species that evolution had no time to educate. They also ate each other and devised silly war dances and grotesque skin ornamentation.

There we go! The new New Zealand Flag! None of the potential winners for flag design feature a Kiwi. There was a sheep. Not a bad idea. More sheep than people in New Zealand. But let’s follow the Maori thread! A huge tattoo with a tongue sticking out! A sheep in the background.

That WILL be a flag to remember!

Go for it New Zealand!


2 Responses to “New Zealand’s New Flag”

  1. Stella Says:

    I think you’ll find most of NZ agrees with you on this flag rubbish, but maybe I’m just biased because I agree with you. It’s a bit of an embarrassment really. I wouldn’t mind changing the flag if there was a really good alternative being proposed, but these ones are dreadful. They look like corporate logos (which is what I suspect the Prime Minister wants the flag to be), and a flag needs to be more than just a glorified logo.

    Anyway, how’s your tooth? I hope you’ve been able to get it fixed.

  2. Hugh Paxton Says:

    Thanks for agreeing with me Stella. You aren’t biased! You are right! Tooth tomorrow! Dear Gawd! I’m dreading it!

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