China’s Victory over Japan?


Hugh Paxton’s Blog views China’s sabre rattling and silly military displays with contempt. China didn’t defeat Japan. I don’t recall China doing anything significant in that conflict. It was the Yanks, the Brits, the Aussies, the kiwis, the Thais, Burmese, Filipinos that smashed Japan. Even some Indians helped although the Sikhs defected and enjoyed their time as Singapore jailers.

All this Chinese flag wagging and Japan bashing makes me think about how bloody silly China really is!

And how silly we are to take them seriously. Their products break before you’ve unpacked them, they stick 19 convicts in my house after pretending their Embassy wanted accommodation for two, they buy off every weak-kneed African president with a banquet and plan to extract every commodity possible.

And poach rhinos. Steal lumber. Pangolins. And that stupid crew running a Chinese restaurant at the Hidas Centre in Klein Windhoek exhibit no taste whatsoever!

The Chinese have demonstrated that they have tanks. Big bolshy yarbles to that! What do you do with a tank? Run over a student in Tianamen Square? Really? A tank’s only useful if somebody else has tanks. And the Chinese tanks will break as soon as somebody unwraps them. All their missiles? Where do you fire an ICBM? At Trump? At a Uighur separatist ?

I am no fan of Japan’s historic Imperial ambitions. But China’s a clumsy bully with a crashing economy and weird intentions.

Also China supports North Korea a nation of haircuts that make brides of Frankenstein shriek in terror.

It would be very sad, but not surprising, if everybody began to positively dislike China.


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