70 years and half a trillion dollars later: what has the UN achieved?


For several decades Hugh Paxton’s Blog has seen the UN in action (and inaction) in various parts of the world; the collapse of Mogadishu, post-Rwanda genocide refugee camps, Kenya, Namibia, RSA, and of course now, here in Bangkok. At times I have wanted to applaud, at times tear my hair out and swing fists. The following article provides interesting background.

From: Nik Sekhran

70 years and half a trillion dollars later: what has the UN achieved?


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3 Responses to “70 years and half a trillion dollars later: what has the UN achieved?”

  1. Stella Says:

    I’m skeptical of the UN. I’m sure it means well, but I’ve spent a lot of the past ten years doing contract work for government departments and I know what they’re like. The UN is really just an enormous government department.

    Incidentally, being “so broad in its goals that it made no sense” was the defining feature of most of the policies I encountered during Clark’s tenure as PM.

  2. Hugh Paxton Says:

    Stella, you are probably a fan of BBC’s “Yes Minister” and it’s sequel “Yes Prime Minister.” If not listen to it! It says everything and makes you laugh, while, if you have a heart, you shouldn’t find it funny.

    • Stella Says:

      Yes, I do enjoy Yes Minister and Yes Prime Minister. Whoever wrote it obviously worked in government at some point. Disturbingly, although Yes Minister was filmed before I was born, it’s still a very accurate picture of what working in a bureaucracy is like.

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