Chang Htoo our main man from Myanmar sends useful tips: rescue elephant


Hugh Paxton Blog reckons this elephant was rescued in South Africa. This is by the by. The images were sought ut by Chang Htoo, a Burmese living in Thailand. SE Asia has lots of elephants and they also get into difficulties. Sometimes terrible difficulties. Chang, like many people in the region goes to great efforts to assist angry, distressed animals. By circulating this ‘instruction manual’ throughout the region Chang is showing that it can be done. He’s not an activist. He’s an builder and craftsman. And a Buddhist and an elephant lover. It makes me feel happy he cares! And this is my major point, people in some Asian countries live with wild elephants in a way that people in other countries wouldn’t, and couldn’t envisage. South Africans in this case offer an inspiration but I’ll get in touch with the Thai forestry guys and see if they can come up with equally dramatic examples of how it is possible for the planet’s largest land mammal to co-exist with their human neighbours.

More on this soon!


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