Proud dad’s daughter photos: Annabel kicking balls


Hugh Paxton’s Blog is inflicting these photos on anybody patient enough to look at them. They feature beloved daughter Annabel, kicking balls and scoring 3 goals out of four in her Under 17s inter-school team friendly today. She is 12. Runs like a bloody whippet! Kicks like a cassowary, doesn’t brush her teeth until you have told her four times and hauling her out of bed at 5AM is a nightmare, but she’s magic when she’s had three steaks for breakfast (no greens, nothing healthy) gets a football and a bit of pitch to display her prowess.

She’s a great winner, modest, pretends she hasn’t won anything, but the crowd always gets it. They yell “Annabel! Annabel!” It’s always like that. Perhaps because she’s small and nobody thinks she’ll do it again. Then she does it again. And she’ll do it again and again and again. It’s predictable but still exciting to see it.

What I really liked about today’s ‘Friendly’ was the way the crowd wanted everybody to win. It was hot, close, muggy weather, simply watching made one break a sweat and seeing the girls rushing about and trying to win and screwing up then regrouping and being brave made me feel a sense of admiration for them all. I cheered everybody on but watching my daughter cut through the sweaty confusion and wearing her goofy victory grin and whack the ball just where it belongs…it is a beautiful game! And I’ve got a beautiful daughter.

I reckon that’s about enough of this! I’m sure you have equally gifted children and nobody wants to hear about how clever they are, either. A very good friend, Sue, once said “I don’t see why anybody wants to see pictures of somebody else’s kids.” At the time I sort of agreed. But I still have photos of her two girls on my wall.

I’m not suggesting you stick photos of Annabel on your wall! God forbid! Wait till she’s a famous football star. Her agent will sell you one with her signature on it.

Proud Daddy Hugh

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