ghost stories


Can you write them? Have you read a really good one? No vampire stories need apply. I think we have a surfeit of that stuff. I’m talking here about really good ghost stories. I plan an anthology.

Shuffle those books in your cupboard. Talk to Granny! Send me your ghosts! Word limits apply!


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2 Responses to “ghost stories”

  1. Stella Says:

    An anthology eh? That would be great! Put me down for pre-order. I think it’s quite hard to write good ghost stories these days, because people don’t really believe in ghosts. Horror writers tend to work with psychology instead because it’s easier. But a really good ghost story is a fantastic thing.

  2. Hugh Paxton Says:

    Stella again you are on track! I had an extremely interesting talk with my dentist about Thai ghosts.. I had my gob open and she was drilling and I was in a state of discomfort and we started arguing about the existence of ghosts! We probably should have been focusing on my teeth and she had all the advantages of being able to speak while my mouth was held wide open…but while I explained English ghost stories are about mood, flavour, a sense of sadness she said “We have more ghosts in Thailand.” She had the drill. But after the usual sit up and spit I suggested she tell me some. We’ll see what she comes up with! .

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