Hugh Paxton’s Blog thinks it would be heartless to dismiss the miserable plight of stupid parents who pay obvious pirates to ship themselves and their numerous children to Europe hoping for free education, jobs, pensions and dental care. It would be heartless not to condemn the Macedonian cops who were filmed whacking a mob of aggressive migrants in, what I must say was a restrained manner given the unruly nature of the migrants.

In fact saying anything negative about Europe suddenly accepting half a million people from (to date at least 64 countries in Hungary heading for Germany) from fictitious desperate war zones in a few months would be heartless.

Wake up. Be a bit heartless. If you want to welcome 30 Gambians pretending to be Syrians to Munich stick em in your guest bedrooms after you have held your anti-fascist rally and look after them and then enjoy their company.

It’s a scam! And I regret to say that the world’s media is an accessory. That dead kid who washed up? Boo hoo. The implication was that it was Europe’s fault. It wasn’t. What kind of parents would allow that? It was their fault! Nobody should give them asylum. They should be arrested for child abuse, complicity with piracy, murder…the list is long. Every parent who risks the lives of their children, every fake passport, everybody complaining they are being discriminated against because they are fleeing a non-existent war in Lagos and Syrians go first. Refugees from Afghanistan complaining that Syrians are being given special treatment?

Europe! Come on! This isn’t a migrant buffet! Pick and choose? Every Serbian living in a crummy village and watching this mob come by will think hey let’s join the procession.

The Egyptian billionaire offering to buy a Greek island to house migrants? What about spending the same sum of money to buy them land in Egypt. Why should Greece suddenly be invaded by a bunch of people who plan to use their nation as a stepping stone to brighter futures. The Hungarian president said that none of the migrants passing through wanted to stay in Hungary. “Who would want to live here?”

They don’t. They want Europe’s good bits!. Lots of free money, compassion, pro-active multiculturalism.

Waving welcome flags is great if the migrants are genuine in their distress and need and plan to go back when things calm down.

That’s not what this is about.

Loads of journalists have mentioned the tremendous impact migrants have made on their nations of intent.

Einstein. Everybody mentions him. In my opinion if he’d been shot by the SA the world would be a calmer place.

Hugh Paxton’s Blog suggests that there are good migrants and bad migrants. And watching a dead body of a child while emotional is of no practical use when it comes to making an informed and rational decision about the future of your country, your neighbourhood and your culture. Your children.

Europe, England, has no obligation to help anybody who breaks all laws of migration. We have loads of poor people, neglected people, our own people. This isn’t racist, xenophobia, it’s would you like your country to become confused, and, in a couple of years, not your own anymore. Try migrating to many of the nations the migrants are fleeing from. They won’t let you buy land, they won’t give you food aid. They’ll rob you blind.

Let’s get real on this one!


One Response to “Migrants”

  1. Stella Says:

    Compassion is a wonderful thing, but not at the expense of common sense. The media here persists on calling these migrants “refugees”, but based on most of the pictures I’ve seen I think the phrase “economic migrants” is closer to the truth. I haven’t seen a lot of women, or children, or old people. What I’ve mostly seen are young men, well dressed and well fed. If those are refugees I’m an imam.

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