Parents fathers mothers: Take photos of you without your children


Hugh Paxton’s blog wouldn’t stick my beloved daughter Annabel in a washing machine. She’s too big. I must buy a larger model. I can then stick her friends in, too, and twist the button to Speed wash, FASTA, Extra tumble. SEARING HEAT BLAST!

A French guy stuck his three year old in his washing machine and that pretty well stopped his young son’s bad behavior. His wife continued fixing a jigsaw with her daughter while the kid went for a spin.

Children are damned annoying at times.

And parents love them (unless they stick them in washing machines) but when you have children you tend to take photos of them. And you, the parent, becomes a bit part. A somebody, a compliant and proud accessory but mostly all the photos are of the children. Let us prevent this!

Parents of the world unshackle your photographic chains! Take photos of you! As adults! Skip the kids, dogs and fluffy cats!

Take some photos of you.

I think everybody might actually find that sort of photo more interesting.

Just a thought.

But if you are planning to stuff your kids into a washing machine/microwave/ vast charcoal pit/treacherous swamp maybe take a group photo. Make sure the camera is charged, don’t leave the lens cap on etc.


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