Suppose a Solide meteor turned up and you were too busy feeding your goldfish to notice


Hugh Paxton’s Blog has certain morning obligations. Make sandwiches, find daughters socks, find my socks, feed the birds, feed the dog, kick the dog in its foul face, feed the cat, throw the foul cat out, feed my fish (so quiet, so relaxing to watch!) haul off an invading turtle, bicker with my loved ones, fail to find the tea, and generally arse around trying to establish a sense of normality. While I was doing that at 08:00 I had no idea that the “The fireball from outer space” might rearrange my world.

The equivalent of 3.9 kilotonnes of TNT impact entered the earth’s atmosphere at a speed of 75,600 kph and people with telescopes saw it at its brightest when it was 29.3 kms above the earth. This additional irritation shot across Bangkok trailing smoke and hopefully incinerated itself before hitting a national park in Sai Yok.

NASA has confirmed that it could have killed me. And several million other people. But it didn’t. So I guess that’s a bit of positive news! Who needs Erawan temple bombers when you could be suddenly obliterated by a 3,5 meter diameter hunk of stone from outer space.


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