Thai Days: 1.3 million tourists cancel


Hugh Paxton’s Blog learned a long time ago that nothing you read is true. It has been written. People think it’s true but somebody has written it and that somebody could be completely wrong, partially inaccurate, mainly accurate, very accurate, but by and large, don’t assume he or she is establishing a truth. Trust me. I’m a journalist!

1.3 million tourists have cancelled their holidays to Thailand following what was not a very big terrorist atrocity at the Erawan shrine. That’s what I’ve just read. 1.3 million. Who counted that lot?

If the statistic was 1.3 million and thirty eight, yes, I’d think somebody was firing me a well-researched statistic. 1.3 million! That’s just gratuitous and sloppy and isn’t true.

Thailand remains a fantastic destination for tourists and visitors. Don’t make tourism visit statistics more complex by cancelling your flight. There’s a soldier, cop, private security within yelping distance everywhere in Bangkok. It is currently the safest city in the world. Unless you are on jihad. I wouldn’t rate your chances if that is your reason for turning up.

Cheers from Bangkok!


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