Thai Days: Museum of Corruption


Bangkok has lots of strange museums. Hugh Paxton’s Blog loves museums and welcomes this new addition. Statues of corrupt incidents are currently on display. Apparently there were hundreds of suggestions but somebody obviously slipped the decision makers a brown envelope under a toilet door and only a few were chosen! To my dismay the explanations are in Thai. But to their credit they are bi-partisan and cover every political party, respected institutions such as the police and large commercial government organisations funded by anybody who actually bothers paying tax.

If I were you I’d probably give this particular museum a miss if you’ve flown a long way to enjoy Thailand. But it isn’t a bad idea. I’d like to see every country construct a museum of this nature.

Long halls, extensive galleries, there are certain countries that could construct vast museums and I’d suggest public participation in art when it comes to contributions!


(who has bribed lots of cops because they were cops and wanted a bribe )

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