Thai Days: A new bookshop


Hugh Paxton’s Blog loves bookshops. If they are grungy and cluttered and maintained by a man who is as old and as smelly as his books that’s my sort of bookshop. In Nepal I found such a place and he had a postbox beside his desk.

He had great books! And his postbox worked! Our postcards reached England before we got back from Nepal! Outstanding!

There’s an old fellow trying to start up his bookshop and I’ve never seen the like! He’s booked a huge space in a really crummy supermarket full of no customers. I bought five books from him on Saturday (all exceptional!) and thought how can this work. Neon lights. Grade C, or to be honest F, supermarket. And this character is establishing a book shop.

He was deeply asleep when I met him this morning and gave him 20 baht in exchange for “Meteor Menace: Doc Savage.” Like all his English language books it looked as if it had spent thirty years in a drain. Awful!

Despite the heat, the flies, I’ve had a look through my bookcases and will struggle over, groaning under the weight and present him with 50 books that he might use to stimulate his business. This will be no commercial expedition. A complete Hugh Paxton freeby! TheGirl started this! Literacy. He’ll be able to sell some books that haven’t been yellowed by age or have a snail squashed in the cover.

Cheers from Bangkok!

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