Thai Days: Who blew up Erawan Shrine?


Who blew up Erawan Shrine? Hugh Paxton’s Blog, like INTERPOL, the Thai police, the military, Malaysia, China has no idea! And whoever blew up a bit of the river by a pier remains similarly mysterious.

I find terrorists repulsive. But I’d describe the PIRA as sensible terrorists. They wanted to kill and maim for a reason. I wanted to kill and maim them for an equally good reason. They hated me and I hated them.

I still hate them!

But nobody has claimed responsibility for this Erawan bombing. The prime suspect has released a statement saying “I wasn’t even in Thailand!” That could be the truth. Or it might be a statement straight from my brainless dog’s mouth caught in the act of crapping in my kitchen with my dinner in its mouth.

What an extraordinary performance. Blow up a city centre, choose a site for attack with a short catchy name Erawan, not the Ratchataprasong Intersection – even I can’t spell it or pronounce it! Then don’t tell the world why you did it.

The authorities have a few guppies in custody but they don’t seem to know who did it either.

Meanwhile, while the world’s attention shifts away from Thailand, more bombings in Thailand’s deep south. More people are murdered down there in every month than died at Erawan. BBC’s Jonathan Head never dares get too close. It’s dangerous!

The southern scum don’t say why they are blowing up people either.

If we have to suffer terrorist outrages I really would like the terrorists to properly explain why they are stopping people living, waking up, scratching their bums, yawning, planning to buy their daughter a bicycle, thinking yes that coffee smells good, oh Gawd I’m late for work…


A bemused but utterly un-terrified Hugh in Thailand!

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