Get a job designing for the UNDP! A really good opportunity!


Dear readers, Hugh Paxton’s Blog is happy to offer this special opportunity and anybody feeling creative or designer-ish should give it a go. My beloved wife asked me to circulate this and that is what I’m doing. “various design work” – that is potentially a very exciting three letter word. Get going! Bon chance! I will of course be applying myself but there’s a realist inside my optimistic heart and he’s whispering Hugh, no chance! I am ignoring that realist! Ignore your realist and get optimistic and apply!

From: Midori Paxton

Any interest? Once you are on the roster, you may be approached by UNDP for various design work.

Sent: Tuesday, September 22, 2015 4:14 PM
To: mpn-procure; BPPS SDEV ALL <bpps.sdev.all>
Subject: Consultancy announcements in UNDP-GEF

Dear Colleagues,

The UNDP-GEF unit has recently posted the following consultancy on the UNDP job site:

UNDP-GEF Graphic Designer Vetted Expert Roster – Home-based – closing date 21 October 2015.

We encourage you to forward this email on to your colleagues both within and outside of the UN system.

Many thanks.

Suzy Azafrani Benoliel

Procurement Consultant

UNDP Global Environment Facility

Bureau for Policy&Programme Support

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