Home improvements!


Hugh Paxton’s Blog is no home designer but just occasionally I look at a room, look at my house, the place where I live and think “This is boring! In decay. Full of junk! Let’s shake things up!” Yesterday I decided to completely rearrange a crappy area behind my bedroom door. Who wants to wake up and see their daughter’s knickers suspended on a rope that makes you crawl beneath to be confronted by beagle shit and thousands of ants? I removed all the washing lines. Moved things about. Bashed my beagle. Always a pleasure! Didn’t hurt any ants. They know when it’s time to leave! And the whole operation took less than 30 minutes.

My point is this. We all live somewhere, we get used to it, we hurl anything that might be useful in future into a draw or cupboard and never use it again. Have a look at your living space, then move it around! Results are surprising!

Cheers from Bangkok!

From: Chang Htoo [mailto:chang19814@gmail.com]
Sent: Wednesday, September 23, 2015 8:26 AM
To: Hugh Paxton

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