THIS WILL AMUSE YOUF: Six men jailed for multi-million pound Cumbrian cannabis plot | Border – ITV News


Hugh Paxton’s Blog is amused! My neighbours in a quaint and tidy, very boring but restful village in England have all been sent to prison. We only had a nodding acquaintance and they are all in jail. So that’s probably it as far as further social interactions go. Flass is a spooky old house and nobody normal designed it, nobody normal has lived in it. Built with opium trade money, designed by a wife who failed to include a staircase making the upper areas inaccessible and with a secret door in the library

I loved exploring it, attended some wonderful parties and a long time ago nobody let me near the large pool in the river that contained a very dead woman. Flass! That’s what an English village should be all about!


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