Sweet Home Louisiana: Baby Three-toed Box Turtle


From Charles and Kimmie in Crawfish Springs. Neither of them have actually sent Hugh Paxton’s blog a photo of a crawfish in these springs of theirs. And there’s a drought. This negligence aside they have sent photos of more wildlife than would seem possible in a back garden or indeed the Bronx Zoo. I’m not sure Crawfish Springs actually has a back garden. Not in the conventional English style back garden with roses and lavender beds and a garden gnome.

Louisiana! Yeehaa! Wild down there! Love that! I bet that turtle’s going to just thrive, grow, grow more and then eat Charles’s and Kimmies eggplant. Unless everything else has devoured it first.
Nothing much going on here in my back garden at the moment. The last turtle that trundled in required two of my lads to take it away and heave it back into the shrine pond. Like a boulder, a big hideous boulder with a desire to sever fingers and piss and hiss. If I had an eggplant, which I don’t, it would have just run it over in its relentless progress towards my personal pond and its dinner plan. My tropical fish.


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