Myanmar’s 2015 general elections explained – BBC News


Hugh Paxton Blog’s esteemed wife has arrived safely in Yangon. She is on a Mission from God! If you’ve watched the Blues Brothers you know what’ll happen next! Almost anything!

She’s actually on a mission from UNDP to work out a protected area system that conserves Myanmar’s rather irreplaceable natural environments for the benefit of local people, watershed integrity, flood prevention, biodiversity, the national economy, this country’s future.

The devil’s busy. His legions are looting the northern forests of prized timber, notably rosewood for China, the army is snarling, the tribal groups are growing strong dope and the country is potentially the utter killer when it comes to wiping out eco-tourism competitors in other SE nations.

The winds of change in Myanmar? Gentle winds I fondly hope. And change for the better. We all know what happened when the Winds of Change swept through Africa. Europe’s been sending food aid and body bags and rattling charity cans at poor European pensioners ever since.

And the less said about the Arab Spring the better.

Quick note from my beloved wife:

!In a taxi now to the office. The taxi says NLD will win the general election on Nov 8!!

Interesting insight into the election here:

Yes, well all I can say is that I hope God supports my wife’s mission. There are demons aplenty to contend with!

Cheers from Bangkok!



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