Thai Days: A typically abnormal day


Hugh Paxton’s Blog expects the unexpected in Bangkok. I missed this performance. But everybody in Bangkok’s Nana district didn’t. I’m amazed the scooter driver picked her up and delivered her. She must have paid in advance. She clearly has no pockets, no wallet.

Whoever she is I admire her for making a day more lively. Her shoes are questionable. Her motives remain unknown. I guess she got stoned and there was an “I dare you” challenge in the Khao san road and she went right away and did it.

Her timing might not have been the best. Sun burn an issue. Also it was a Buddhist holiday. A time for solemn contemplation.

I applaud her decision. I’d rather see a naked woman than a holy monk with a begging bowl.

I reckon the cops will let her go. A fine. A night in the cells. She certainly doesn’t have any illegal drugs on her person. Perhaps in her system.

I’m sure her Dad and Mum will be proud of her Thailand tour! Most kids send one postcard or phone asking for more money.

This girl shatters that tradition. Her parents now know exactly where she is. Sort of. She’s in Thailand. And is probably the most popular woman in the Kingdom!

Cheers from Bangkok!


From: Chang Htoo
To: Hugh Paxton

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