Google search Harrison Ford Indonesia


Hugh Paxton’s Blog has posted quite a few stories on Indonesia’s routine ecological annihilation and the mass burning of forest within and without its national parks for palm oil plantation land use and the resulting haze of smoke that engulfs Indonesia and neighbouring nations forcing school closures, nausea, premature death and fuelling face mask sales.

I completely missed Harrison Ford throwing his cap into this murky ring.

I’ve always liked him and his movies. Star Wars was fun, Witness was great, my favourite was him being a bungling underling in Apocalypse Now coughing nervously and spilling his papers while trying to help provide back up to an assembly of evilly moral men preparing an assassination in the interests of good.

But to see his finest performance in my opinion – google search Harrison Ford Indonesia.

He gives the Forestry Minister a typical Bladerunner style interview to establish whether this is a man with a heart or some form of inhuman replicant attempting to be human.

The interviews in Bladerunner are designed to provoke an emotional response. Ford’s interview exposes the Indonesian ruling elite and their crass indifference to their own nation’s welfare, the health of 40 million people in the region, and their utter carelessness when it comes to a sense of empathy.

The Indonesian Govt man is not a replicant. He’s a giggling, evasive, “We are not America” corrupt and vicious self serving, cowardly bully in a cheap looking uniform. This “We are not America” garbage – I hear it all the time. It infuriates me. And I’m not American. American politicians and religious leaders regularly build seemingly impregnable towers of righteous authority without a foundation or on shifting sand. They also make stupid comments designed to appeal to an ignorant domestic audience which are broadcast world wide to the detriment of their nation.

This Indonesian is sitting at the top of an air conditioned Jakarta turret erected with sealed windows to insulate him from the stench of burning forests as the basis of his nation (and his turret) continue to burn.

The Harrison Ford encounter occurred a couple of years ago. It might have made the news. I was probably somewhere without television, perhaps under water looking at a reef in Sulawesi. It has resurfaced. It is now re-circulating with renewed vigour.

Nothing’s changed. The peat forest fires are burning right now.

But Harrison Ford certainly hits a nerve. The Minister ordered his deportation. Further evidence of his childish belief in his powers. Ford and the film crew were leaving anyway. Deport them? What more lousy publicity does the man and his country require?

Google Search Harrison Ford Indonesia. It’s really quite a lot of fun. In a bleak sort of way.

Cheers from Bangkok!


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