Amother African screw-up: Property for foreigners in Namibia


Hugh Paxton’s Blog suggests that this will be of interest to anybody interested in Namibian property. This, for me, is a disastrous bit of news. I have two lovely houses, flats, green gardens, and a beautiful area of land on a nature estate. I’ve paid fair and square, employed lots of Namibians, given them slap up grub and bonuses, ignored petty theft, and all has been nothing but beneficial to the country and its people. Apart from all that low level activity during our residence we mobilized 130 million dollars to reinforce the national parks and empower sustainable development and smash the idea that wildlife conservation is a digression from poverty alleviation.

This new SWAPO govt idea is sheer Mugabe madness. I hope they’ll have a re-think.

I flicked on the TV just now and there was another Ethiopian famine. Urgent aid required.

Africans sometimes are tiresome, brutal, childish, and as my daughter remarked “They should think.”

She added “England should run Africa.”

“Darling, if we were running Africa it would be a nuisance. Look at em! You want to run that lot? Do you seriously think they are thinking?”

A whole continent of people groveling at the thrones of West African cannibal despots, anti-gay Christian fascists in East Africa, corrupt Socialists with Ferraris in South Africa? How many Africans have been killed by Africans since their countries achieved independence?

And now Namibia is joining the “Going to hell” train. The de-railment destination is obvious.

These people disgust me.


From: Andre Gast []
To: Hugh Paxton
Subject: Re: Property for foreigners in Namibia

Yip, this is a bit of a chin stroker. Making up rules as they go along and still under the democracy umbrella.

Kind regards

Andre Gast

Property for foreigners in Namibia

New property laws for Namibia – not sure what you make of this Paxton. I guess I have to invest elsewhere.

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