Python eats our ca


Look at these colours! We weren’t set up for a photo shoot, everything a bit of a surprise, but look at the python’s colours! Four meters of that digesting our cat by the washing machine! I simply love Thailand! The python I can assure you is safe and sound. I never kill wild animals.

One Response to “Python eats our ca”

  1. Ben Says:

    Your abhorrence to Annabel’s pets always puts a smile on my face Hugh. This furry feast has cost you dearly though, the poor cat being your only staunch ally in the war on the Beagle. Who’s going to help you police your hounds rampant destruction when your away from home now? No where will be off limits for the bugger. Table tops, worktops and even the top of the television will soon be annexed into his territory unchecked. I worry for you Hugh.

    The python may return from the drain after digesting the cat to fulfil your dream of chowing the beagle but it may just as likely come back up to chow Annabel so maybe an idea to gooi in in the back of your neighbours bakkie and drive it out to the countryside. Another option which i rather like would be to starve and torment it for a while and then send it to Mugabe..

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