A rap song in my praise!!


Rhythm and poetry, indeed!



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Subject: A rap song in my praise!!

I can’t tell you who wrote this…but it’s the first time anybody has written a rap song in praise of me! I hate rap but heck, this one makes sense! Sort of. The author is white. Perhaps the boys can put it to some non nigga music? A violin? No way Annabel tries her trumpet.

WORD spoken like a true true

hard core, in your face, bio diVER-city defendin’, animal and BIome protectin’,

NEVuh touch da hair of da wild thing, bad ass comPASSion spewing brother


Yeah dig it you know what I’m talkin about

spoken like a true planetary steward yeah

I say bad ass planetary STEW ahhhd




2 Responses to “A rap song in my praise!!”

  1. Stella Says:

    A rap song eh? You are officially part of the zeitgeist!

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