Jihad John killed too quickly.


Hugh Paxton’s Blog is sorry to hear of the sudden death of Jihad John, an iconic butcher for the ISIS/IS caliphate.Everyone keeps blathering about him being British. He came from Kuwait. If he chose to abuse the hospitality of my nation, England’s immigration dept, and our MIs are at fault. He was a poxy blot on our planet. Calling him British quite frankly isn’t fair. He had a British passport. Doesn’t make him British. Real British people don’t slowly saw the heads off journalists and aid workers while wrapped up in black dustbin bag liners.

I’m sorry to hear of his sudden death. I would have liked the Kurds or Hezbollah to have caught him. Sudden death would not have been an option for Jihad John.

I’m not sure he’s in Paradise. I suspect he’s just dead. But I would have liked him to have died slowly! Some sort of video might have been fair! That’s what he did to his helpless captives. The bastard!

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2 Responses to “Jihad John killed too quickly.”

  1. Jane Woodstrover Says:

    well said!

  2. charlespaxton Says:

    Yes! A poxy blot indeed.

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