Thai Days: Bah humbug!


Hugh Paxton’s Blog took my beloved daughter to see Mockingjay – the climax of the Hunger Games movie series – and that was pretty appalling. It’s a teenager sort of thing and means a lot to people who like the story. I woke up half way through sensing something was wrong and there was! Annabel was quietly weeping at my side. One the young men had just been eaten by a bunch of lizard mutants while laying his life down to rescue Katlin on a mission to slay President Snow. When I next woke up I realized what was really troubling me. The movie was crap…but worse brain-decaying influences were at work!

The girls in the food court had sprouted red hats with antlers. Christmas had come to Bangkok!

“Me and my Bum,” “Hark the herald angels sing,” “I’m dreaming of a white…” all that ghastly and unholy noise was being pumped out by speaker after speaker as shoppers shopped and eaters ate and Scrooges like me writhed. Muzac is bad enough at the best of times but Christmas muzac should at least wait until December and there’s something not quite wholesome about every shopping mall spraying itself in fake snow and having Santa Claus slathered over every wall with messages like “Dear Father Christmas, I wish for a watch!” Outside of the air conditioned shamelessly commercial Christmas, Bangkok is very obviously tropical, Buddhist (sort of) and if a reindeer showed up it would be in a wok with flashed fried lemon grass.

Jesus doesn’t get a look in. Who gives a damn fachrissake?

If you have a teenager Hugh Paxton’s Blog suggests that you send him/her to watch it with friends. Stay away. They can blubber away together and eat three kilos of popcorn.

If you want Christmas go to Berlin. Their Christmas markets are simply enchanting. Jesus isn’t too obvious but there are cribs, great tree decorations, cakes, warm spiced wine, snow, and not too much in the way of muzac.

Bangkok Christmas?

Bah! Humbug!



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