Thai Days: December Holidays & Music CDs at Dasa Books!


Hugh Paxton’s Blog likes second hand bookshops and now that Dasa is expanding into CDs I like this one even more!

Bangkok has a few very good used book shops – the Sun by Villa Market on Sukhumvit occasionally has some serious surprises, but most titles are in Japanese. Over on the other side, turn left and walk for ten minutes past fifty very busy street food stalls (don’t go into the Peking Duck restaurant – their toilets keep bursting and their idea of Peking duck is just the skin! Unbelievable! I ate crispy fat in a miasma of lavatorial stench! Not a shred of flesh anywhere to be seen!) you’ll find a book shop that is really worth a browse. The owner’s a Yank and not perhaps the friendliest man you’ll ever meet. If you come here to slip a 50 Baht book into your jacket pocket and he catches you then the police will be summoned. But his girls speak English, know their way around the stacks and serve the cheapest potable coffee in the city.

Khao San Rd the back packers Mecca has lots of used books and you can find a Gideon’s Bible in every reputable hotel room. Last place I stayed had a Koran, too. I gave it all the attention it deserved.

Cheers from Bangkok!


From: Dasa Book Cafe []
Sent: Thursday, December 03, 2015 11:14 AM
To: ‘Dasa Book Cafe’
Subject: December Holidays & Music CDs at Dasa Books!

December Holidays & Music CDs at Dasa Books!

December 5 is the King of Thailand’s birthday, which also marks Father’s Day in Thailand. As usual, Dasa Books will be open for that holiday, and also during the rest of the year-end holidays later this month. We never close for any holidays, so you can rest assured that books are awaiting you every day of the year!

Our big news this time: Dasa is not just selling books. Last month we started selling secondhand music CDs too. Why CDs? Well, there is still a demand for those shiny little jewels. Yes, even in this era of digital downloads many music lovers and collectors still want to buy CDs, and yet despite this demand, finding a good selection of music CDs in Bangkok has become a very difficult task. Dasa is hoping to reverse that trend by offering CDs in a variety of categories.

In addition to selling CDs, we are selectively buying them too. We won’t just take just anything, however, so before bringing your entire collection to the shop we ask that you e-mail us a list of titles for us to check. We can pay cash or give a higher amount for store credit, which you can use to select more CDs or even books.

All CDs are sold “as is” and cannot be returned for full cash refunds. However, as we do with our books, we offer a store credit for half the price you paid if the CD is returned within 30 days of purchase.

Dasa Books is open daily from 10 am till 8 pm.

Thank you for shopping at Dasa and happy holidays!

Tel: 02-661-2993

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