Thai Days: No bombs, Mozzies, Cannabis, mango


Hugh Paxton’s Blog is pleased to report that no bomb explosions have ravaged Bangkok s far today. I would like to add that ISIA (Islamic State in Asia) is no more realistic an organization than IQUIT. Both ideas off the top of my head.

Weather set fair.

Beloved daughter Annabel is in factoid mode.

Let me share two with you.

If you have a mozzie bite, heat a teaspoon and apply it to the itch. I am assured that this will alleviate all irritation.

If you are a marijuana smoker eat a mango prior to lighting up. Annabel assures me that the fruit somehow extends the feeling of well-being and light-headed jollity associated with this form of substance use.

I’m not sure that this is quite the sort of factoid I need to hear from a 12 year old school girl but might have relevance to the citizens of Canada – the first country about to legalise cannabis – and will certainly come as welcome news to Thailand’s mango farmers and fruit export industry!

Cheers from Bangkok!


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