Terror! Or not?


Hugh Paxton’s Blog suggests that the ‘War on terror’ is looking as lame as the ‘war on drugs’.

San Bernadino? A couple of sub-optimal socially malformed unattractive crazies. With a baby. That kid’s got a future. Better adopted and given a safe home.

That dweeb in England with his knife? A sad fuck best left to the local skinheads. That’s not terror! Knife attacks in London? Hardly new. That sort of piffling scrap wouldn’t have merited a mention back in Roman times.

Be on the alert? For what? Why? Do we stare at each other? If your neighour is quiet and pleasant but shy do you report him to the police?

Give me a break!

ISIS is taking a pounding. You never cleanse a wart completely but they’ve reached too far.

Look at them: At first they were murderous wraiths, hit and running from bleak desert chasing frightened conscripts and kidnapping aid workers and sawing their heads off slowly. Never short of money. Never short of weapons. Their tactic was terror. Not some dweeb with his mummy’s carving knife in the vicinity of a London Underground station.

It is time for ISIS to be terrorized.

They have seriously annoyed: Iran, Assad, UK, Hezbollah, the Balkans (watch those Serbs!), USA, France (watch those French!), Germany, the Kurds, Turkey, Putin, they’ve annoyed the Thais, Malaysia, Indonesia, maybe even the fatties and Bin Laden families in the Gulf States. Israel obviously wants them dead. Even a few moslem clerics have said that they don’t accept their ideology. Moslem clerics in my opinion are a bunch of pussies always sifting through the book to find an excuse. Screw em!

ISIS wants a caliphate and for that to be possible it requires a gathering of its people. A city. Killing people in a desert is difficult. Give em a city. Blow em up!

Their last resort is don’t hurt civilians. It’s over for these gremlins.

Islam? Get your act together!

All the infidels are tired of your bullshine! The NF in France will win. And it’s thanks to you.


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