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Hugh Paxton’s Blog doesn’t know many people who have had a fight with two large Nile crocodiles and had their arm torn off while punching the other contender in the face.

I met Chris. He likes my books ( I hope!), I like his!

He drives through tough terrain using his remaining arm. His pedigree is pure moral, thoughtful, action man. He’s fought in wars, his involvement with Executive Outcomes in Sierra Leone saved countless lives from doped up, cannibal rebels. The media fancied headlines like dogs of war, mercenary. Exciting, catchy titles. Far from the truth. EO was a moral war force, blacks, whites, coloureds. Paid, yes. But every army is paid. The RUF were monsters.

EO was simply providing a robust security service with a bit of elbow space for hunt and kill before the rebels slaughtered everybody in terrible orgies of violence, rape, voodoo and village burning.

He’s a nature lover, with a shrewd idea of what’s what.

He also rescued me when my vehicle was stuck in deep sand. There was no bullshine about this rescue. He arrived, suggested I reverse, “This track is now too deep.” “Take the other one.”

Very useful!

His verdict on the current state of wildlife conservation in his beloved Namibia fills me with a mixture of fear, disgust and anger.


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