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TheGirl posted: "Image is from via The Harty. It’s not every day you propose. And when you do, it should be romantic and special. If you’re searching for a few really creative ideas to ask the one you love for his or her hand in marriage, "

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#WeddingSeason Creative Proposal Ideas for the True Romantic

by TheGirl

Image is from via The Harty.

It’s not every day you propose. And when you do, it should be romantic and special. If you’re searching for a few really creative ideas to ask the one you love for his or her hand in marriage, here are some romantic and unexpected ideas to help get you started.

Walk on a Beach

Consider booking a plane ticket to some tropical island so the two of you can spend a romantic vacation together. Anywhere with white sands, blue water and palm trees will make for a heavenly setting. As you’re strolling together, consider getting down on one knee in the sand as the sun is dipping below the horizon. The photos—and the scene—will be breathtaking and something you’ll cherish for a lifetime. If your partner is a true romantic, this will blow him or her away.

Cook a Meal

This will only work if you don’t cook all that often, but learning how to make a really great meal is a big romantic gesture. Figure out what your partner likes and master it. Maybe take a cooking class or work with a chef who will show you how. Try making a three-course meal consisting of an appetizer, main dish and dessert. If you’re stuck on ideas, you could even make "engagement chicken," a recipe that’s known for leading to proposals.

At the Airport

Call us crazy, but we think airports can be romantic. Everyone is rushing toward a destination. Many of them are racing to their loved ones. If traveling has played a major part in your relationship (maybe one of you travels regularly for work or you fell in love or met on a trip), this might be a great option for you. After your beloved exits the plane, get down on one knee. This will work well if you’re the type that would like an audience.

Where You First Met

Since the most romantic proposals are usually the most personalized, this one certainly fits that bill. Returning to the place where you first met and proposing there can be really romantic, depending on how you work it. If you first met at a bar or club, think about closing the place down for the afternoon, stringing up lights and getting your friends together to make it something special. Whatever you do, make it romantic.

Create a Word Puzzle

If your significant other loves to read or works with kids in some way, you may want to consider creating a word search. Your partner will enjoy the challenge of figuring it out and then realizing you want to get married. Best of all? You can deliver this to him or her anywhere and at any time. Maybe you serve this along with breakfast or with a glass of wine at dinner. Any setting will do.

Take a Hike

If you’re both outdoorsy people, consider taking a hike together. After a few hours of sweating and getting to the top, you’ll appreciate a great view and a perfect moment together. Plus, your hike down the mountain will be that much sweeter.

The Scavenger Hunt

You could try creating a series of clues that your loved one could follow, like bread crumbs on a trail. Maybe hide a note underneath your significant other’s bowl of oatmeal that explains where the next clue is. Ensure that each note contains jokes that only the two of you know. You can read scavenger hunt proposal stories to help give you ideas. Make the very last spot the place where you pop the question. Maybe a quiet spot outdoors that you both love. Just something special for the two of you.

These are just a few ideas, but I would love to hear your proposal stories– the good, the bad, and the hilarious! Please share them with me below or on my other sites:





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