BBC Radio Dramas: The Sittaford Mystery


Hugh Paxton’s Blog is still enjoying the after effects of breaking my arm and dislocating my collar bone. Sleeping is still difficult, painful and awkward. One soothing thing I find is listening to a BBC Radio Drama. Google and a list of categories comes up. In ‘Crime’ I find the Father Baldi detective series particularly doze-provoking. Slightly less conducive to sleep is the current Sittaford Mystery series. But definitely worth listening to if you fancy a tale of mystery, murder, séances, blizzards on Dartmoor. That sort of thing. I sincerely hope that a broken arm isn’t your motivation for listening! But do give it a go! Creepy!

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One Response to “BBC Radio Dramas: The Sittaford Mystery”

  1. ANNABEL Says:

    Skip the Sittaford Mystery. The first episode is great! Thereafter it becomes amazingly tedious. And the BBC are using the same actors…of course not a bad thing, but if you’ve just listened to Father Baldi being Father Baldi, you don’t want him suddenly arriving as a policeman in the middle of a Sittaford Mystery. And the other policeman. He was a policeman in The Skull Beneath The Skin. This is just inept! Father Baldi should be Father Baldi. If you are Inspetcor Dalgliesh. stay in that particular story. Devil’s Kettle, all that. I don’t want you all butting in using the same accents but trying to change them. Baldi should stay away from anything until he can change his accent! The BBC must stop being a little club. There are millions of people in London. Most of them may not be brilliant when it comes to mikes and red lights and suddenly pretending to be a policeman, but if anybody had any common sense they’d think “We are broadcasting a mystery tale designed to attract problem solvers, perhaps if we didn’t have the same cast?” The interesting thing about The Siitaford Mystery is I don’t give a damn who did it. No, that’s not true If Baldi did it, hang him, say I. In the next BBC crime drama he’ll be the judge. . .

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