A new year’s resolution with a difference: Charlie’s fasting blog “If life gives you a lemon…”


Hugh Paxton’s Blog has known Charlie Clarke for some years. We used to be neighbours before he abandoned the virtues of Bangkok for the vice and fleshpots of Brighton. His current undertaking looks as if it will be a lot more fun to read about than to experience first hand! I’m sure the occasional comment of support (no mention of roast beef lunches, pre-chilled glasses of martini beaded with moisture, crisply fried scampi with lemon wedges etc. if you please!) would be most helpful. While we are on the subject of health diets, if any readers have embarked on similar regimes, I think it would be fascinating to hear from you!

Cheers from Bangkok


From: Charlie Clarke [mailto:biogasser@emaildodo.com]
Sent: Tuesday, January 12, 2016 5:13 AM
To: paxton.bkk@gmail.com
Subject: Charlie’s fasting blog

Hello friends!

Long time no blog! I hope you are all well and have a great start to the New Year?

I’ve started 2016 all virtuously – by doing a 7-day fast! And to fil the gaps in the day when I would normally be eating, I’ve decided to blog as I go along.

So feel free to have support me, laugh at me or just question my sanity! Or just ignore me. Here are my first couple of posts:

Blog 1: The Pre-tox: https://fastingcharlie.wordpress.com/2016/01/10/my-lemon-detox-the-prequel

Blog 2: The first weekend: https://fastingcharlie.wordpress.com/2016/01/11/my-lemon-detox-the-weekend

All the best


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