Horrible Bastards Column resumes: ISIS and Mummy


Hugh Paxton’s Blog reviles every tenet of the Islamic State’s philosophy, everything it stands for, everything it hopes to achieve, everything it has done. But what really disgusts me is the people who make up its ranks; from leaders to volunteers. I’ve thought about it and attempted to find something, anything, positive about them. Apart from spurring an increase in previously dwindling mid-East hyena populations (ISIS feeds dissidents to them in the ruins and cratered wastelands on city outskirts) I’ve been unable to come up with a single thing. Actually not true.

ISIS are thoroughly evil. World history has been plagued by regimes and belief systems that have been riddled with malice, cruelty, inhumanity, but virtually all have some redeeming elements and features. In many cases not in abundance, but there is always an element of good intentions even if these are subsequently warped into horror. ISIS has none. Had none in its inception, none now. Their advocates, apologists, even those people who attempt to offer some rational reasons for the black medieval holocaust are as guilty of complicity in atrocity as the blood drunk freaks in black.

On Sunday while I was reading The Nation (one of Thailand’s two Dailies) I came across a short. The story was this:

A mother in an IS occupied town in Syria, becoming fearful for her son’s life in the face of increasing coalition air strikes urged him to run away with her. If she was only concerned about herself she’d have braved the hyena gauntlet and scarpered for the Turkish border. But no, she cared for her son. His safety was paramount. He reported her sedition and was ordered to execute her. In public. Whether he quibbled or pleaded for clemency I have no idea. I’d like to think he did. But he probably didn’t.

I cannot imagine her feelings as she saw the fruit of her labours, the drinker of her breast milk, the boy she’d dandled on her lap and crooned to when waking from bad dreams, who she had cooked for and bathed, and nurtured and loved coming for her with a knife in a cold dusty square thronged with bearded men shrieking abuse while a film crew recorded her last moments. Her body was chucked to the hyenas. She is one of an estimated 2,000 Syrian civilians publicly slaughtered so far.

And Westerners living comfortable lives still turn upon the countries that have offered them refuge, hope and home. They still succumb to the lure of the dark side with its lies about paradise. Bloody idiots! In every sense of the words!

One Response to “Horrible Bastards Column resumes: ISIS and Mummy”

  1. charlespaxton Says:

    You’re right. They are thoroughly vile and a disgrace to humanity.

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