More on pythons and cats: Obituary to an impractical cat.


Further to Hugh Paxton’s Blog’s recent Dope of the Day awards – python bites Chinese woman’s nose blog post I would like to present an obituary poem to Treats my cat who didn’t have her nose bitten off but was engulfed. I’m sure Treats started it. And looking on the bright side I’ve saved a fortune in cat food and all the little lizards and snakes Treats would have eaten are thriving and multiplying. Treats had a good life, and what the Vikings and Samurai would call a good death. More useful than being squashed by a car, mauled by a tom, picking up rabies (I woke one morning and there was a hydrophobic corpse in my fish pond! Hooking that horror out was a nightmare! Drool, froth, blood, glazed eyes, torn fur – looked like an Irish pub after an argument over who paid for the last round of Guinness) or withering away with age, sloppy bowels and arthritis for her final downward journey.

“The Passing of Treats”

“A python arrived in search of a rat,
Instead it found a belligerent cat,
The cat stood its ground
And all that was found
a bulge in a python
And that’s about that.”

With respect!

Hugh Paxton (Bangkok)

One Response to “More on pythons and cats: Obituary to an impractical cat.”

  1. charlespaxton Says:

    A fine ode to the departed. I think you’ll do well in New York!

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