Google? Valentines Day? Tiissue/kitchen paper divorce?


I’m very grateful to google for enabling me to google. And the way Google changes its characters is normally quite entertaining but today, yes, there’s a heart and that’s very Valentines but the main action is a box of tissues breaking up with a roll of kitchen paper. I had a couple of looks and maybe I’m obtuse but I thought..why?

And then I thought about it again. No answer sprang to mind. Still doesn’t. Why should a box of tissues extend a tissue to a weeping roll of kitchen paper? Why doesn’t Google place something helpful, inspiring, perchance noble – sea turtles, wildlife conservation, stop buying ivory, rhino horns make your willy shrink, don’t have ten children, stop buying guns, don’t get bullied, help your parents wash the dishes, bees assist everybody, don’t whinge, drift nets kill everything, Grahame McDougall doesn’t pay his rent.

Every person opening Google gets the thing in their face. Millions of people are currently wondering why a box of tissues is divorcing a weeping kitchen roll.

I find this sufficiently irritating to post this blog. Google I suggest you issue your designer with a toilet roll and kick him/her out. You could be amusing and helpful and you squander this chance. Why not an animal a day, why not something that makes people think?


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