Bangkok Days: Crab fight


Hugh Paxton’s Blog has received this from Chang. I suspect this sort of thing will catch on here.

I’ve been attacked by a crab – a coconut crab on Christmas island. It didn’t actually get me. But it did haul away my defensive broom. But sword play was not on its agenda. It just wanted me to go away. The crab was about a kilo I’d guess and at least half a mile from the sea. Why did I have a broom? It was during the Christmas Island red crab migrations and I didn’t want to squash any of them with my car. My completely ineffectual plan was to move forwards on foot in front of the car as my beloved wife drove ever so slowly and there were several million crabs on the road, me with a broom, then the robber/coconut crab intervened and we decided to abandon all plans, abandon the vehicle buy a new broom as soon as we got back to our lodgings.

If you are interested in more about Christmas Island I’ve posted one or two of my Japan Times newspaper stories about it. But while fun, they aren’t quite as musketeer as this Chang’s crab!

Cheers from Bangkok!


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