Fear landscape


Hugh Paxton’s Blog suggests this as an interesting read! Fear as a healthy factor in life! A long time ago I won an award for writing about a croc in a seedy Lancashire aquarium. The point of my story was that the croc was inert, boring and people had chucked coins to make it do something. It had no interest in coins. Or people. Its eyes moved and were suddenly alert when I tried to pinch a fifty pence coin. The croc was back in action. I felt a healthy surge of fear. And looked around for rescue. There was no rescue. There was no danger. The croc was contained. But that brief stab of panic made me alert. This croc was a predator. I was prey. I got it. The croc got it – there was a dimming of its interest. I’d escaped. The coins came and the croc waited.

Fear is not an attractive proposition – I am terrified of heights, when young I wasn’t, I climbed rocks with ropes and got rained on and it was all a normal day out on Raven’s Crag feeing immortal and munching a squashed pork pie with no mustard to disguise its soggy lack of taste – and I don’t think being frightened is always a good thing. By and large if Hugh Paxton was running things nobody would be frightened!

But fear can help. This story approaches the issue.

Interesting read.


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