Financial advisors


Hugh Paxton’s Blog has received many letters from busy people conducting my financial affairs. This really has to be the best in a dreary avalanche of tedious dalek gibberish! All wrong!

Sincerity and care in every word!


I stand in awe! You make my Lloyds bank offshore correspondence look positively well-informed, concerned and chatty! I recall a brief letter telling me that due to account inactivity my Lloyds account had been suspended. Extraordinary! I had been suspended after transferring yet more money into my dormant account (50,000 quid give or take). With no interest!

I don’t think Anita reads my blog but if she does here’s some hot news. She’s been fired!

“Thanks for nothing. Go away McNab.”

And Lloyds can send me a statement regarding inactivity at their leisure. I’m closing that account, too.

Over to Anita! I hope she was being funny. I suspect she wasn’t. Anyway, she’s fired!

A grumpy Hugh in Bangkok!

From: Anita McNab

“Yes please thank you Sir.”

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