Hugh Paxton’s Blog lacks a US vote. But if I had one it would go straight to Trump! He’s utterly and delightfully obnoxious!

Doesn’t give a damn and has stirred up his country in a way that is long overdue! My wife and daughter find him alarming, everybody seems to find him alarming apart from everybody who votes for him.

I think that he is an honest, big mouthed, in your face Yank. When I hear Hillary making a speech I don’t think about email scandals, or Bill getting up to not having sex with an intern and draft dodging and playing jazz, I think somebody’s written that speech for her. “Breaking down barriers, not building walls!” Yes, indeed! If she cooked up that line I’m an Islamic State volunteer. Word count, perfect sound bite delivery, utterly meaningless, roars of applause. I instinctively cringe away from this kind of bullshine.

A degree of acting in a president is essential. Trump doesn’t act following cues and his make up artist is clearly off duty. He is what is needed to stir the pot! If he has a speech writer the guy’s an impromptu, off the cuff, spontaneous whizz kid. I disagree with at least 90 percent of his trumpeting – he’s got a dim view of environmental activists, totally understandable in many cases , but I happen to be one and feel loyal to the cause – and his foreign policy is liable to shudder the world. Perhaps a good idea. If I was in charge of a red button I’d nuke North Korea without bothering with three minute warnings. A lunatic state. In need of extirpation before it does something dreadful. It will.

I think Trump won’t win. But there’s a strong chance he might. Putin is rather Trump-ish. Ex KGB, strips off his shirt in public to exhibit his athletic skills, bombs at will – they’d get on like a house on fire!

I find Trump’s on line utterances utterly moronic. But they probably aren’t his. Politics is a filthy game. If I wanted to discredit somebody I’d start a website for him. Or her. Pretend to be them. And be a complete jerk!

I don’t have a vote in the US. That’s their right, not mine. My daughter thinks David Cameron is safe and kind. She doesn’t have a vote until she is older. I reckon children should get a vote as soon as they are born. Their world. Their future, anybody kisses them loses a vote.

That’s enough election blather from Bangkok!


3 Responses to “Trump!”

  1. Stella Says:

    For all his faults Trump is entertaining. Especially from a distance. I think he’s a bloviating demagogue who’ll say anything he thinks his voters want to hear. And it works! They love him. At least with Trump you know what you’re getting.

    Hillary’s speeches are full of bureaucrat buzz words and no substance. “Breaking down barriers” is a prime example. In fact I find that much more worrying than Trump’s in your face ranting. It means either Hillary doesn’t have any real plans, or she doesn’t dare tell the voters what she has in mind because it’s something nobody wants.

  2. Hugh Paxton Says:

    Stella. spot on, as always! When will you become your nation’s leader! I anticipate the day! Hugh

  3. Stella Says:

    Dear god, I don’t think I could face being Prime Minister. It’s bad enough in the civil service where I usually don’t have to deal with politicians.

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