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TheGirl has some intriguing gift ideas for single girls. Hugh Paxton’s Blog, from bitter personal experience wouldn’t suggest buying any clothing for a girl, single or otherwise. A T-shirt is safe territory, a shawl, or scarf, but beyond that my advice is let them buy it themselves and applaud their taste, style, and pay for it discretely.

The Girl’s recommendations regarding security gifts – again, I have qualms. Installing a security system is certainly a demonstration of concern and care but is bloody expensive and perhaps might be misconstrued as a desire to control her freedom of movement and if security systems go wrong when she reels home after an adventurous night away with your best friend’s Dad, presses the wrong buttons and armed securities arrive, then it can get complicated.

Noise is everybody’s best weapon, male or female. And it certainly works in LA parking lots when the car alarm chorus starts. If I was LAPD I really wouldn’t know where to start! Which is why nobody bothers responding.

My advice to my daughter if she runs into trouble is scream and keep screaming. She won’t get into trouble. But if she does, a feminine scream brings a thundering rush of white knights in shining armour. There have been revolting exceptions, but in my experience people don’t want vulnerable people to be hurt.

Getting lost in the woods. This is a plan of TheGirl that I agree with. If you get lost some sort of beacon is helpful. I hope nobody buys her one and she activates in Kew Gardens.

The car plan! Brilliant! Especially in the US or my travel zones in Europe or Africa. I have broken down in the most unexpected and potentially unhelpful places. I have consistently been utterly unequipped to cope! If I was to buy a single girl in my life any of TheGirl’s suggestions I’d go for this option! If I was totally head over heels in love I’d also enroll us both on a quick First Aid course. Having a first aid kit isn’t sufficient – you need to know what to do with it. Don’t get a qualification – that makes you legally responsible to help and if you have ever encountered a bunch of seriously traumatized accident victims, “officially helping” is the last thing I suggest. If you say “I’m a trained First Aider” in Namibia they assume you’ll suddenly pull a trolley and a high speed ambulance out of your arse and get in your way and if you shout “Spinal injury potential. Blanket. Absolutely do not move the patient,” they’ll move things around, try and hide their beer, and punch you in the eye if you can’t pull an ambulance.

While you fail to qualify for first aid status spend a dirty weekend away with a redneck mechanic in his garage learning how to use all the tools in your kit that are essential to rescue an ailing car. If you are in England just join the AA or RAC. They’ll do it all for you. The roadmaps are also helpful.

That’s about all I have to say on this topic. Other than thanking TheGirl for a stimulating post. Always good fun!

Perhaps theGirl’s next post might say what she would like for a present for herself? That could guide many! And, perhaps, more interesting, what she really wouldn’t like?

Cheers from Bangkok!


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TheGirl posted: "Having trouble deciding what to get the single girl in your life? Need a little inspiration? Whether you’re thinking of a friend or your sister, your daughter or niece, these five gifts are suitable for all the women in your life. Something to Wear"

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New post on TheReporterandTheGirlMINUSTheSuperMan!

5 Gifts for the Single Ladies in Your Life

by TheGirl

Having trouble deciding what to get the single girl in your life? Need a little inspiration? Whether you’re thinking of a friend or your sister, your daughter or niece, these five gifts are suitable for all the women in your life.

Something to Wear

For the single girl who loves to stay fit, consider gifting her a brand new running jacket. But not just any old jacket — get her a reflective windbreaker that keeps her safe and seen while she runs outside in the evening or early morning hours when it’s still a little dark outside. Nike offers Nike Flash, a collection of reflective running gear designed especially with women’s needs in mind. In addition to windbreakers, Nike also offers reflective shoes and vests, suitable for the dedicated runner in your life.

Something for the Home

A simple addition to any single girl’s home, security camera systems can give both you and her peace of mind. Rest assured that she’s just a little bit safer with a Lorex home security camera system installed. The professional-grade security systems are easy to install and they are also simple to use. And some security systems can be paired accessed remotely online, allowing her or a friend to check in on her place if she’s away.

Something for the Car

Make sure that she’s prepared for the unexpected by gifting her an emergency kit for her car. She’ll be able to endure breakdowns, flat tires and more with a AAA Road Warrior kit. The emergency kit includes 80 pieces, ranging from first aid items such as antiseptic, bandages and gauze to automotive essentials including booster cables, reflective warning triangles and a flashlight, plus, the kit even includes an emergency whistle. With this emergency kit, you can rest assured that she’s prepared to take on, or at least be a little bit safer, if she’s to encounter a problem out on the road.

Something for Travel

If she’s got an adventurous spirit, you know that there’s a risk that she might be putting herself in danger. Female hikers are exposed to different threats than their male peers. And although she might know the trails and insist that she’s safe, consider equipping her with a personal locator beacon or satellite messenger, just in case she gets lost in the great outdoors. Personal locator beacons send out a distress signal if she is in danger and satellite messenger systems can allow her to communicate her coordinates if she’s out of a cellphone reception area. Every hiker should have one of these devices in their pack.

Something for Every Day

For the girl who has just about everything, give her a practical gift that she can take everywhere and have on hand, just in case, everyday. Personal alarms designed especially for women are a great self defense tool for the ladies who walk, run, bike or travel alone. There are dozens of personal alarms, from types that flash with strobe lights, so that she can be found if she’s lost, to others that transmit sounds. Plus, these handy tools are small enough to take just about everywhere. She can toss it in her favorite handbag or clip it on to her keys and know that she can draw attention to herself in anytime of crisis.

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One Response to “New post from TheGirl: 5 Gifts for the Single Ladies in Your Life”

  1. Stella Says:

    All thoughtful gifts, and the reflective clothing idea is equally applicable to cyclists. The AAA Road Warrior kit is an especially good idea. I agree, however, that a home security system is likely to go over budget in most instances, and if some nice person were prepared to spend that kind of money getting me something for the home I would personally rather they got me a still.

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